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7 ways to update your home on a budget

The rich and famous are lucky enough to be able to redesign their homes whenever they fancy, thanks to unlimited budgets and celebrity interior designers on tap.For us mere mortals, however, there are simple ways to refresh our homes without breaking the bank. Pinterest and eBay will become your best friends; use them to source clever home DIY tips, and find home & garden accessories for a fraction of the cost of high-street shops.

1. Invest in some potted plants; fake or real. Plants can add character and bring life to your home, particularly the more tropical styles that can really brighten your house and bring a happy holiday vibe to the room.

2. Upcycle old furniture; revive with a lick of paint, or change the colour or style (e.g. distressed shabby chic) to complement the theme of each room. Renovating furniture is surprisingly fun and therapeutic and you only need to buy paint, tools and new handles.

3. If you can’t find cushions and pillow styles to perfectly complement your rooms, it’s fairly easy to order your dream fabric online and make the cushion covers yourself. Can’t sew? You can always commission a tailor or friend to make them for you

4. Updating photo frames can really change the ambience of a room; the key to successful home decor is to ensure everything flows and works in synergy. Outdated photo frames that have seen better days can make a room look outdated and a little neglected.

5. Many people have joked that some of the most famous art masterpieces could have been done by a toddler; so why not have a go yourself? Unique art makes a great focus in a room.

6. Update your light-switches; there’s nothing more depressing than walking into a nice room with outdated, worn and dirty-finger-stained light switches; really not a good look.

7. Use Acetate to make your own coloured lightbulbs to add ambience to your home; coloured bulbs lighting-up potted plants work particularly well!

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