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Celebrities using online property websites to buy and sell their homes

One of the biggest online buy and sell property websites in the world, Rightmove, announced in 2014 that it takes, on average, just 60 days to secure a buyer for your home.This news had celebrities stampeding over to Rightmove to sell their homes for lower fees than a traditional estate agent.

Celebrities have long been selling their clothes, accessories and memorabilia via online auction sites such as eBay and to help raise money for charities, so property seems the next logical step; particularly as the majority of members of the public would love to have such an interesting previous owner and story to their new home.

Rightmove has seen Jeremy Clarkson, Adele, Tulisa, Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen and a former Manchester United football player sell their homes via the Rightmove website.

One thing is clear; online property sites are now seen as a preferred alternative to visiting traditional estate agencies; not just to save money, but also to offer a more convenient method of house-hunting. Online property websites allow potential buyers to view your images and features of your property online before shortlisting those that meet their specific requirements and making appointments to view the properties.

Can you guess which of the above celebrities sold this rather incredible home via Rightmove?


Visit the link below to see the incredible homes these celebrities had to offer

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