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Is your art selling your home?

Recent studies suggest that featuring the ‘right’ kind of art in your home at the time of selling can actually help sell the property, with abstracts, black and white images, book cover, classic landscapes and timeless movies being the most effective ‘sellers.’

The online art retailer, Easyart, work with various Estate Agent firms and interior designers to ensure complementary art is featured to pull-in and impress target market buyers.

In the same way a new car in the driveway, a loft conversion and a well-maintained garden add value to your property, the right art can allegedly add thousands of pounds of value to your property as well as speeding up the sale. Art sets a certain ambience for your property.

For example, people who wear head-to-toe stylish and designer clothing as perceived as being ‘in the know,’ successful, intelligent and a character we’d like to aspire to be like.

Art creates the same feelings by adding a certain label, style, character and colour to your home, enticing viewers to buy.

Interestingly, well known artists such as Monet can actually be a turn-off to buyer, as they are seen as too commercial and lacking in individuality and elegance. Controversial art, such as nudes or offensive messages/text should also be avoided for obvious reasons…

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