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What’s it really like living in Ikoyi, Lagos?

Ikoyi is one of the more up-market and expensive Nigerian areas to live in Lagos; bordering the Lagos Lagoon, Ikoyi’s a Mecca for expats due to its close proximity to the sea.

Ikoyi has become a popular location for corporate giants to set up their head offices, and is also home to some of Nigeria’s most successful members of society.   Global business executives, diplomats and entrepreneurs make up the neighbouring community.

One of the more popular areas, Banana Island, boasts rents of up to $150,000 per year, or ‘just; $8 million to buy. Ikoyi is a big hit with expats not only for beaches and beautiful property, but also for the nearby Palms Shopping Mall and Golden Gate Plaza. Luxury attractions include Lagos Polo Club, Niger Towers and Ikoyi club.

Like most places abroad, consistent electricity and water supplies are not always guaranteed, but are far more reliable than neighbouring Cities; and the majority of apartments, houses and villas in this area will have their own access to water and generators.

It is advisable to either drive, or have a driver when living in Ikoyi. Buses are banned from Banana Island, so getting around could otherwise be dependent on taxis. If you are thinking of relocating to Ikoyi with a family, Ikoyi boasts some of the best educational establishments in Nigeria including Banana Island School.

If you are relocating to Ikoyi alone, you’ll be pleased to hear Ikoyi is home to some of the best hotels and nightclubs in the world, such as Club 10 & 57. Ikoyi is the most expensive area to live in Nigeria for all of the above reasons, but also for the fact Ikoyi has one of the lowest crime rates in Lagos.


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